In saturated markets, growth and securing this growth depends largely on the success in the key markets - all efforts need to be made and resources to be activated in order to concentrate on these markets. Here, well-functioning sales and order processing, a high level of service quality, a motivated sales force and managing processes as well as controlling tools (much further-reaching than the Balanced Scorecard approach), both linked to clear objectives, are crucial. In addition to that, an efficient knowledge management la six sigma in accordance with the corporate goals is needed, which helps to achieve world class level in the issues mentioned before.

Several times, Dr. Helbig & Partner carried out massive programs in sales, marketing, human resources and other larger functional divisions for international corporations with considerable success. These kind of programs are always necessary after fundamental changes in the market, in times of recession or larger mergers.

Take advantage of your opportunities regarding unexploited turnover- and sales potential. Use our skills in change project management, organizational change, performance management and MIS (management information system).

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