Germany is an insurance country! This statement is still valid today, but under different premises than a few years ago. On the horizon of the insurance world, too, the market-changing role of the Internet with all its threats and opportunities can be seen. This is not yet showing everywhere, because the insurance industry is first and foremost characterized by long-term business. Regarding short-term insurance products, this new trend can already be noticed clearly.

What is the role of the Internet as sales channel? Which chances offer direct insurances in the product portfolio? How do I as an insurance company react to price transparency and the expected decline of premiums? What is the reason for the the fact that the insurance branch - in contrast to many other branches - is not suffering from the dramatic changes caused by the Internet?

And most important: How can I establish long-lasting relationships with my increasingly critical customers through attractive service offers? How does a successful e-commerce strategy look like for my business? And how can I harmonize this with my traditional strategy?

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