Rapid change and no end to be seen: National markets open up, the traditional communications-, data processing and the media industry grow together and worldwide alliances are formed. Adding to this, new services and products are constantly introduced in the markets. The Telecommunications industry has to encounter the new chances in the global market with modern strategies.

A further development is going to influence the telecommunications market in the future: Customers will realize that network providing services are an exchangeable commodity, which can be provided by any supplier on the world. The decision for or against a service provider will only depend on the additional services which can be offered tailor-made to customer needs.

Integrated service packages which meet a company's demand (but also private consumers' demand) optimally, become increasingly important. In this respect, CRM will play an even more decisive role if customer relations are to be increased and strengthened in the future.

Furthermore, the range of new services of the telecommunications branch has risen significantly. Via additional services, for example billing services for e-commerce companies, financial services or the purchase or the offer of other types of content, the Telecoms enter areas of business that were originally not related to telecommunications. Third generation mobile communications enables the quick access to the Internet and a variety of new services.

These changes affect not only the Telecom and Cable TV industry, but they have a significant impact on many other branches as well. Dr. Helbig & Partner develops future strategies and business opportunities for your business and your branch of industry and will support you with the implementation of these concepts.

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