At the moment, almost no other branch experiences such a rapid change like the media industry: new technology, new competitors, consumers to whom long-lasting relations need to be established, new types of media, new content. The convergence of branches, platforms and media is the most important driver for the emergence of a new industry with a totally new face.

The digitalization and networking boost the change processes: Content can be marketed global at the same time on many different platforms. Furthermore and to be economically successful, the need to acknowledge national and even regional differences in the identities of potential customers is growing. The opportunity to supplement traditional content with new services opens media companies lucrative areas of business. For instance can established TV providers and the printing press through their brand enable direct marketers and dealers to gain access to nearly all households.

The value chain of the entertainment industry will change fundamentally through the further development of this convergence. By means of the Internet, all media possess the potential for the elimination of intermediaries. In the long term, music industry companies can in principle market their products without retailers via streaming media. Within a broadband network environment, Hollywood's studios are potentially able to circumvent the sales of videos via other distributors or pay-TV channels and offer the consumers their movies themselves. The coming revolution in mobile communications will increasingly make content accessible, which was before reserved for the publishing houses.

At the same time, new opportunities for new intermediaries arise who either possess competences particularly in the creation of customer relationships and the retention of customers or achieve an effective lasting relationship through the bundling of different, highly attractive content.

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