Mergers and acquisitions are an important cause of fundamental strategic considerations. This is about market share and a future-oriented structure.

Knowing what exactly contributes to the value of a specific company is also determining the future of your company. Like the strategic sale of shares of your own company, the takeover of a company or only a strategic minority interest in a company can lead to an increase of value of both companies involved. In a crisis or in case of succession problems, a sale can supply the company with new (equity) capital or know-how, and, this way, ensure the company's survival.

Dr. Helbig & Partner would like to provide you and your company with their long-standing experience in the area of mergers and acquisitions. No matter if you want to buy or sell, go public or if you received an acquisition offer - our experienced experts are available to you.

However, we do not act as an investment bank. Our consultancy is always directed towards sound business models and the core competencies of your company. Therefore, we advise you as objective as possible to buy  - or refrain from that, look for alternatives or help you with implementing your own solution.

Lay the foundations for a successful future of your company today. We would be glad to support you!

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