M-business is essential for all kinds of branches. After having optimized internal processes during the age of re-engineering and the current optimization of corporate level process integration in today's age of e-business, the mobile worker or customer appears to represent the last potential for optimization. Ranging from external sales force employees to service or warehouse workers and, lastly, the production facilities. Customers will increasingly be contacted via mobile communications as well. Media and publishing houses will be the first actors in this market.

The mass suitability of mobile systems and mobile phones and devices will lead mobile business to success. Resulting from this are totally new chances, especially for content and service providers. The identification of the customer, secure payment methods and close "permanent" customer relations guarantee the success of mobile services and the new kinds of providers.

The speed of development of the m-business market forces content and service providers to design business models for mobile services now if those companies want to achieve long-term success in this market. Companies cannot afford to wait any longer because right now partnerships and alliances are formed. Without these, mobile services cannot be positioned and marketed successfully via UMTS networks.

The cooperation and the networking of all players involved in the m-business market are a distinctive feature of this new market. Every enterprise that realizes its chances in m-business should act now if it wants to achieve a significant market share in the market for mobile services with a sound business model.

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