Fact is: Nearly all established companies have trouble with setting up future business. The core business requires management's full attention and the involvement of the best employees. Often, there is simply not enough time to set up future business. And in most cases attempts to integrate a new business in existing units often reduce the chance for success considerably.

In order to manage the task of setting up of a new business successfully, Dr. Helbig & Partner developed the concept of "business-on-demand". "Business-on- demand" means setting up and managing a new business by means of commissioned work. It is based upon the success factors of the world's most successful high-growth companies and Dr. Helbig & Partner's comprehensive experiences concerning the setting up of new businesses and business management in the Internet- and telecommunications market.

Especially in these future markets, many companies proved that you can set up new businesses in record time and lead them to success - if you do it right.

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