Electronic commerce is revolutionizing the economy. Companies engage in totally new relations with their customers. The borders of the branches of industry blur. Value chains break up and become arranged in new ways. There is a radical change going on concerning the dimensions of time and value.

New companies like Yahoo or Amazon were the first to realize the chances of the Internet, and they created tremendous value. The future looks different, though: Belonging to either the old or the new economy means no longer being crucial for a company, but success or failure in the market. Today, a number of new economy companies faces large problems. They will not survive the coming years, because they neither possess a sound business model nor a strong brand or the operative processes which are critical for success. 

Many old economy enterprises realized the potential of the Internet and combined this with their individual strengths. The most successful of those companies will be using the Internet in all kinds of entrepreneurial activities. They will design new products and offers which would not have been possible without the Internet. They will develop more efficient, personalized marketing approaches and design operations leaner and more powerful. They will organize their logistics, resulting in higher productivity, and achieve quantum leaps in terms of customer service.

Dr. Helbig & Partner supports some of the most successful, established companies from a wide range of sectors e.g. media houses, service providers and various industries, as well as thriving Internet companies in increasing their success in the Internet and the definition of new markets.

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